Kellam Mechanical
Case Study

Kellam Mechanical increases close rate by 75% with Ruby live chat.

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Always innovating

Sarah Kellam has seen a lot of changes since starting Kellam Mechanical with her husband over 25 years ago. The company provides residential electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services in Virginia Beach, VA.

“Our marketing tactics have definitely evolved over time based on what customer trends are,” said Sarah. “I like to stay ahead of the curve and be one of the first in our area to grab onto new trends.”

Meeting customer needs

This forward-looking mindset sent Sarah searching for a chat solution to add to their company website in 2017. After asking for recommendations from her women’s HVAC leadership group, Sarah signed on with Ruby Live Chat.

Kellam Mechanical used Ruby primarily for booking residential services with new customers such as air conditioner installation or electrical work

“We knew people wanted to be able to chat when they were at work and take care of things at home without having to make a phone call.”

Prioritizing a return on investment

Ruby was an excellent fit for Kellam and their customers, however, Sarah began investigating cheaper alternatives. She made the switch and within a few months noticed a difference – but it wasn’t good.

“I quickly realized that even though I was saving money, I was losing significantly more in new revenue,” said Sarah. “When someone comes to our website and has a negative experience, they will leave and likely never return.”

Better connections = More business

Since switching back to Ruby, Kellam’s incoming chat volume and their service bookings from chat are much higher.

“Our closing rate has been 75% higher with Ruby compared to when we were using another company that only offered a chatbot.”

What Sarah likes best about Ruby is the personal connection the chat specialists make with Kellam’s customers and the instant credibility they build. “Ruby express appreciation toward every person that comes to our website,” said Sarah. “I know that our customers will feel acknowledged and assured that they’ll be taken care of.”

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