Opin Law Firm: Taking the busywork out of casework

Owning your own business affords you many picture-perfect freedoms—independence, creative control, and the ability to follow your passion, to name a few. Not pictured, though, are the long hours, stress, and administrative tasks that eat up your day. Unfortunately, Wendy and Eric Opin of the Opin Law Firm know all too well how often busywork can get in the way of casework.

Since opening the practice in 2005, Wendy and Eric have struggled with work-life balance to the point where a simple weeklong vacation was out of the question. Overworked, Wendy knew they needed a solution.

When “good enough” isn’t good enough

Initially believing that an in-house hire was the solution, Wendy realized filling in whenever the receptionist needed to take time off or leave early was not going to be the best route. 

“As we were trying to listen to voicemails and catch up, it became very clear that we had outgrown our system and we needed to consider something totally different,” Wendy said.

The power to work wherever

With flexibility and efficiency in mind, the Opin Law Firm found Ruby. Now, Wendy’s work and life are back in balance as she easily manages her practice from the airport, out of state, and everywhere in between.

Even with a large volume of client calls, Ruby’s mobile app and suite of complementary features accommodate day-to-day operations:

I love being able to see every phone call that comes in through the app. It’s one of the best services Ruby offers.

“We handle a lot of elderly and disabled clients who have issues that don’t always pop up between 9am-6pm on the weekdays. To be able to get a thorough recording sent to my email is the exact type of technology we need to connect with our clients.”

While it isn’t common for Opin Law to receive calls from Spanish-speaking clients, Ruby’s bilingual receptionists have also been a surprise selling point for Wendy:

“I didn’t initially realize what a benefit it would be,” she explains. “Translators are common in courts, but when it comes to law firms, not everyone has someone who is Spanish speaking.”

A piece of advice

Changing your traditional receptionist model, especially when you have a high volume of client calls like the Opin Law, may seem out of reach for some business owners. However, Wendy has some advice for those who are on the fence:

“I would encourage any attorney who is questioning the cost to just go for it. Considering the bar association discount, plus the time you deal with hiring a receptionist, covering when they’re absent, and dealing with payroll taxes—the difference is negligible.”

Ready to reclaim your time and delight clients?

We can help you craft the perfect plan for your practice and the people you serve.

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