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Using Email Marketing & Automation to Grow Your Business


How can you grow your business without breaking the bank? Marketing strategies are complex and can be expensive, but using owned channels like email can be far simpler and cost nothing aside from your time. Email marketing is effective, easy to automate, entirely controlled by you, and gives you access to a lead’s inbox: something almost everyone checks every day. Still, it requires a delicate touch. Tune in to learn how to take advantage of this critical channel and grow your business from Ruby’s trusted partner and email marketing specialists, AWeber!

Delegation & Automation Tips for Lawyers


Do you find it difficult to delegate? Not sure how to use automation and technology in your practice? In this office hours session, Hyperdraft breaks down why delegation and automation are not intuitive processes for lawyers. Watch now for tips and insights on streamlining your practice so that you can use your time how you want to.

The importance of customer feedback: Are silent customers happy customers?

Help Scout

We all know the old cliché “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” It’s easy to provide a helpful and meaningful experience when a customer asks for it, but how do we ensure that quieter customers receive the same level of service? It costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep one—and in an economic environment that prioritizes revenue retention, it’s important to listen a little closer to what our customers have to say.