Need a little backup?
Our virtual receptionists can:

  • Handle incoming calls
  • Connect with online visitors
  • Capture opportunities
  • And more—24/7/365!

Ruby has you covered 24/7

We're here to help you:

Save time.

Running a small business is a full-time job (and then some). Minimize interruptions and get more time back in your day by having Ruby handle tasks like appointment scheduling, client intake, and more, on your behalf.

Build loyalty.

Consumer expectations are higher than ever. Fortunately, our friendly and professional virtual receptionists are experts at creating memorable experiences that help you leave lasting impressions on the people you serve.

Grow your business.

Every conversation is a chance to win or retain a customer. Ruby ensures your business never misses another opportunity with 24/7 support—while also assisting with lead qualification and capture.

“Ruby is a great choice. If you’re at a point in your business where you need to scale up, it’s the best choice. It’s an excellent decision for any kind of growing business to help alleviate some of the stress of a busy season or high call volume. Using Ruby is a no-brainer.”

Call Ruby 50

$230 monthly

Call Ruby 100

$365 monthly

Call Ruby 200

$660 monthly

Most popular

Call Ruby 500

$1,595 monthly

Chat Ruby 10

$135 monthly

Chat Ruby 30

$315 monthly

Chat Ruby 50

$490 monthly

Most popular

Bundled Chat Ruby 10

Bundled Chat Ruby 30

Bundled Chat Ruby 50

Most popular

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Knowledge center

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The lead generation playbook

Growing your business starts with finding more leads. But where do they come from—and more importantly—what does it take to turn curiosity into customers? Get answers to these questions, along with tips and insights from industry experts in our comprehensive playbook. View the guide.

Call Trends Report

We analyzed over 25 million phone calls and noticed some interesting trends about today’s callers and how you can win their business. This in-depth, interactive resource explores who today’s callers are, when and why they reach out, and what kinds of customer experiences they expect. View the guide.

X-pectation files: The truth about small business customers

Some customer service myths are easy to see through. Others, not so much. Our team of sleuths has reopened nearly 20 years’ worth of customer service case files in order to tackle today’s biggest small business misconceptions. View the guide.

The ROI of personal connections

Are you doing what it takes to cultivate a loyal, happy customer base? In this guide, we explore the value of each customer conversation – along with tips your business can use to streamline communication and capture more leads. View the guide.