Secure lasting growth—in 30 minutes or less

Small business snippets by Ruby: illustration of construction business owner working at desk

Previously, on small business snippets season one…

Last year, we launched Small business snippets: micro-courses for macro-success in order to help entrepreneurs learn the basics of business growth. Over the course of 5 episodes, we explored ways to master:

  • Marketing
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer experience
  • Business operations
  • And time-management

It quickly became a sleeper hit—earning a 99% audience score on Fresh Potatoes (that’s a joke, but it really did resonate with folks!) Now, we’re getting ready to launch a second season that goes beyond the basics in order to guide you through the next step of your business journey:

Achieving sustainable growth.

Get 5+ years’ worth of scaling tips in 5-minute installments!

We’ve seen what happens when companies get too big, too fast. Trying to expand before you’re ready can lead to layoffs, unhappy customers, and shrinking profit margins—among other pitfalls.

But that doesn’t mean you should put off your growth goals; you just need the right tools and tips before getting started.

In our latest season, we’ll cover five essential steps on the way to sustainable growth, including:

  • Signs it’s time to scale: How to recognize growth opportunities and seize them.
  • Assembling the right team: Tips on hiring and retaining employees who are in it for the long-haul.
  • Securing funding: Resources you can use to raise capital, no matter your size or specialty.
  • Improving experiences: How to effectively scale your customer service alongside your business.
  • Making an impact: Ways to get involved with your community and leave lasting impressions.

Best of all? Each episode is under 5 minutes—ensuring you have plenty of time left in the day to put these insights to use. Get a sneak peek of the first course by watching the video below. Afterward, make sure to sign up for this free series for even more growth tips and insights!

Missed out on season 1? Don’t worry—you can easily catch up on every episode by clicking the link below!