Small business snippets: micro-courses for macro-success

Feeling overwhelmed running your business? How about growing your business?

From marketing to customer communication, HR, time management, and more, growing businesses of all sizes and specialties have plenty on their plate. Ruby’s here to make your life easier. We’ve put together a few quick lessons featuring insights gained from our years of experience helping over 14,000 small businesses grow. Invest in lasting success by spending a few minutes learning today.

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At a glance

What you'll learn

Week 1: How to maximize your small business marketing budget

Marketing your business comes with a lot of decisions: Should you hire outside help or handle things yourself? Invest in traditional channels or go all in on digital? Pay for placement or focus on generating organic leads?

Get answers to these questions and others as we explore the best ways to attract more of today’s customers.

Week 2: Building (and maintaining) long-term customer loyalty

Bringing in new business is only half the battle. Retaining the customers you already have isn’t just more cost-effective—it’s also the key to boosting your brand image and building lasting loyalty.

Learn how to keep your audience engaged with tips on creating loyalty programs, referral marketing campaigns, and more.

Week 3: How to stay busy—without customers feeling you’re too busy for them

Staying busy year-round is always a good thing. But as customer expectations continue to climb, it’s important to continue providing exceptional service even when your hands are full.

Discover strategies you can use to improve customer happiness today, as well as solutions designed to supercharge your service.

Week 4: Handling small business growing pains: from HR to cybersecurity

No one can handle everything themselves. As your business grows, you’ll need help in the form of full-time, part-time, or freelance employees. And while that takes some of the pressure off, it also brings its own set of challenges.

We look at some of the most common issues that come with growing your team, along with ways to make the hiring process more manageable.

Week 5: Time-saving secrets and solutions for small business owners

Some business owners dream of only working four hours a week. Others are fine with 40. Whatever your goals are, there are still ways to streamline your day and prioritize your physical and emotional health.

Learn how to plan for time off, set boundaries with clients, and more as we offer tips on winning back the workday.

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