What a year: 2014 in review

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As a company that prides itself on bringing human interaction back and personal connections back into business, it’s important our internal culture encourages those connections among our employees. As Ruby grows, our team is always looking for more ways to keep employees connected not only to each other, but the company’s mission, vision and goals. One way we achieve this end is through our quarterly staff meeting, during which the whole company gathers to celebrate achievements, discuss goals, and just hang out.

Looking Back at 2014
Our first meeting of 2015 kicked off with a keynote from Ruby founder and CEO, Jill Nelson. Jill reviewed our 2014 goals, many of which we not only met, but exceeded. Our company grew to nearly 200 employees, with another year of greater than 30% client growth. Here are a few additional highlights from 2014:

Ruby By the Numbers

Our biggest achievement, however, remains unchanged year after year—100% of our client’s calls being answered by a live, friendly person.

Looking to the Future
Ruby’s unique company culture is a key factor behind our ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Protecting and building that culture is an important part of continuing our growth, and will be a focus for 2015. Our goal is to build Ruby into a legendary workplace, where employees feel supported, valued, and take an immense amount of pride in their work. This means expanding our professional development and leadership programs to provide ongoing formal training for every employee. Our experience has shown time and again happy employees go above and beyond for clients, and seek out ways to improve service that benefit the entire company.

Looking for Ideas?
No matter the size of your company, regular meetings are a great way to ensure all employees are invested in and aligned with your mission. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up from our meetings to help in planning your next company gathering:

  • Start by recognizing achievements. Each Ruby quarterly meeting is kicked off with our 5-Year Service and Core Value In Action Awards. It really gets the energy going and folks excited for the day.
  • Set aside time for personal and/or professional development. Bring in outside speakers on common struggles, such as financial planning and creating healthy habits. Empower individual employees to teach other by presenting on productivity tips or providing a refresher on customer service best practices.
  • Break up sessions with fun activities that get employees to move around and engage with each other. “Find the Person” is always popular with our staff. Be sure to throw in some specific questions that are unique to your employees to make it even more fun!

Here’s to a successful 2015!

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