Ruby Receptionists’ Virtual Receptionists Ghoul Out for Halloween!

This Sunday is Halloween, and the Ruby® Receptionists team is celebrating with their usual enthusiasm! Many of our live virtual receptionists (or “undead virtual receptionists,” as the case may be) are answering phones dressed up in creative costumes. To make it even more of a scream, and since we’re currently holding our annual “Rubies for Rubys” […]

Rubys Go Red for the American Heart Association!

Yesterday, several members of our live phone answering crew attended the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Luncheon at the Oregon Convention Center. For those not familiar with the Go Red for Women campaign, it is a national movement to promote heart-healthy education and heart disease prevention. Ruby® Receptionists founder/CEO Jill Nelson, Director of Client Services Ashley […]

How Does Ruby Receptionists Get Such Fabulous Live Virtual Receptionists?

We’re excited to share a special blog post request from red-carpet customer service expert and current Ruby® Receptionists client Donna Cutting. A while back, we had a lovely conversation via the Ruby Receptionists Twitter page, and she suggested that we do a blog post on our hiring techniques. Actually, her exact words were: “What are the hiring […]

Receptionist Etiquette Tip: Four Ways to Say It Better

Here at Ruby, we’re all about growth. From how we greet callers to elevating employee experience, finding new ways to improve the way we do things is a part of our culture. Over the years, and through thousands upon thousands of phone calls, our live virtual receptionists have discovered some “do’s” and “do not’s” in the way […]