Receptionist Etiquette: 5 Things to Avoid Saying on the Phone

Our virtual receptionists are great at knowing what to say to make a caller’s day, and they’re also pros at knowing what not to say. At Ruby®, we love sharing our telephone answering knowledge! If fielding phone calls is part of your job, the Ruby team suggests avoiding these five phrases: “I can’t.” As a […]

3 Easy Ways to Welcome a New Employee

We’re all about great first impressions at Ruby, and making every new member of our virtual receptionist team feel welcome on day one is especially important to us. If you work one-on-one with a new hire, you have a great opportunity to establish a connection from the get-go. But you don’t have to be a new […]

Ask a Virtual Receptionist! Topic: Good Mood Tips!

Building long-term customer relationships

For this Friday’s “Ask a Virtual Receptionist!” feature, we thought we’d shake things up a bit. For the most part, we’ve been answering questions about how our virtual receptionist team handles tricky questions politely and professionally or about how they’re able to sound like they’re sitting in your office, miles away. Another thing our virtual receptionist service is known for […]