How home service businesses are creating consistency for growth.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, your mind is never far from how to keep business churning (and hopefully growing!) month after month. Your success has likely come from your ability to wear many hats and roll with the punches.  That being said, being flexible isn’t enough to guarantee business success. You’re also called to […]

What is a business continuity plan?

Overhead shot of hands at a bust work desk

Want to take bets on what’s next for 2020?  My money’s on aliens.  Between the COVID-19 pandemic, a global economic downturn, massive protests over racial injustice, presidential impeachment proceedings, the Australian wildfires, and the appearance of murder hornets—yes, murder hornets—on American soil, the last six months have been one of the most turbulent periods in […]

Business Unusual: Working from Home, with Kids

In this edition of our Business Unusual series, Jill interviews Amanda Soares, LCSW. They dive deep into what it means to be working from home with children, and explore some of the best strategies for keeping your cool and keeping up. Read the Interview Jill McKenna:Hi, I’m Jill. I’m the Campaign Marketing Manager at Ruby, […]

Three Common Pitfalls For SEO

Almost every business wants to rank first in Google for their product niche – not only is it satisfying to win the Google ranking game, but it’s also often the path to greater revenue. That ranking game, for many of our clients, feels mysterious and daunting. Many of them have been playing the game based on […]

Behind-the-Scenes at Ruby: The Pronoun Project

Preserving and perpetuating real, meaningful human connections is the mission of Ruby — and it takes work. From hiring the right people passionate about connecting with others to cultivating a community of empowerment to go above and beyond for the customer, we’ve learned over the years that investing in our company culture fuels the success […]

How To Capture Local Business With SEO

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Shop Local! It has become a rallying cry for independent businesses around the world. In the age of Google, people don’t simply stroll on down to Main Street when they want to make a purchase. No one opens the local yellow pages anymore. They open a search engine on their phone and it might take […]

Business Unusual: Equity in the New Business Climate

Introducing: Business Unusual! Here at Ruby, we’ve been cooking up a series dedicated to bringing expert insights right to our customers, and the small business community at large. In this installment, Ruby’s own Jill McKenna interviews Katie Augsburger of Future Work Design. They focus on building equity in the workplace during a crisis. Watch the […]

7 work-from-home office set up secrets.

Working from home? Hey, me too!  Okay, I guess working from home isn’t so novel anymore. Today, millions of professionals live where they work and work where they live.  Many of us currently do so out of necessity, but the fact is that remote work is here to stay. Companies such as Twitter and Facebook […]

Keep cool this summer with HVAC answering services.

Believe it or not, summer’s nearly here. And to paraphrase Santana and Rob Thomas, it’s looking like a hot one.  I’m talking hot hot.  Like, seven-inches-from-the-midday-sun hot. Given those temperatures, along with the fact that many people will be staying at home in the coming months, this summer is poised to be a busy time […]