Keep cool this summer with HVAC answering services.

Believe it or not, summer’s nearly here. And to paraphrase Santana and Rob Thomas, it’s looking like a hot one. 

I’m talking hot hot

Like, seven-inches-from-the-midday-sun hot.

Given those temperatures, along with the fact that many people will be staying at home in the coming months, this summer is poised to be a busy time for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning companies. 

Is your team prepared for when the phone line starts heating up? Here are some hot HVAC answering service tips to keep your customers cool and your business running smoothly.

Customer comfort starts with how you answer the phone.

No one enjoys having a broken air conditioner. For customers, HVAC issues are often intensely frustrating—they feel out of the customer’s control, have major effects on quality of life, and always seem to happen at the worst times. Which is why companies like yours exist.

Standing out and winning positive sentiment starts with how you answer the phone. You don’t have to wait until you’ve dispatched a technician on the scene to alleviate a customer’s concerns.

With an HVAC answering service, you can put callers at ease and avoid becoming the subject of their frustration. The key is to do the following:

  • Be calm and polite.
  • Voice your empathy.
  • Engage in active listening and ask questions.
  • Exercise patience.

Learn 3 tips for greeting callers.

HVAC answering services are about speaking in a common language.

Your company’s value is in more than the services you provide. It’s also in your expertise. HVAC is a highly specialized field—one that most customers don’t fully understand. They may lack technical vocabulary, and frequently feel overwhelmed as a result.

Empower your customers and put them at ease by bridging the gap through customer service conversations. If your customer service team members are capable of translating technical language into non-technical terms, they’ll…

  • Take better, more detailed notes to prepare technicians for service requests.
  • Help customers fully appreciate the realities and the value of your work.
  • More effectively manage customer expectations and experiences.
  • Earn trust and confidence from your customers.
  • Improve your ability to attract and convert leads.

Leading HVAC answering service providers such as Ruby train receptionists to communicate about technical services in ways customers understand. We speak multiple languages—and I mean that in more ways than one.

Great HVAC answering services set your technicians up for success.

Why stop at making your customers’ lives easier? Fast, responsive, professional phone and live website chat communication can save time and effort for your team members as well—so you can focus on providing the best possible HVAC service.

Great HVAC answering services set technicians up for success by…

  • Gathering detailed reports of service requests and special circumstances.
  • Assessing the urgency of late-night emergency service calls.
  • Vetting compatibility with potential new clients.
  • Compiling contact data for lead acquisition.

With Ruby, you can rest easy knowing virtual receptionists are handling the details and keeping you updated. It’s all available in your pocket via the Ruby mobile app.

Staying responsive is more important than ever.

Prompt customer service is vital for any business. But it’s even more important when you’re providing critical HVAC services that sometimes require midnight emergency site visits.

Is your business optimized for speedy, round-the-clock customer service? You don’t need to manage it all alone. An outsourced customer service solution like Ruby will…

  • Answer your phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Respond to and triage all emergency requests.
  • Follow up with customers after jobs are completed to address any questions or further issues.
  • Keep customer service operations running even when a natural disaster or, say, public health emergency disrupts your business.

We’re always open. No customer gets lost in the shuffle. No job falls through the cracks.

Learn how we do it.

Any HVAC business can provide seamless, excellent service.

So far, we’ve talked pretty much exclusively about customer service. After all, it’s what we do and what we’re passionate about around here. But there are plenty of opportunities outside of answering calls and chats for your HVAC business to build customer relationships:

  1. Schedule effectively and consistently. Set customer expectations correctly by providing a precise time or time frame for service. Prioritize punctuality, and communicate with the customer immediately when there’s a delay or change.
  2. Show up to the site ready to work with the right tools and technician(s). The fewer trips and back-and-forth exchanges with the customer, the happier that customer will be.
  3. Suggest products and services that bring real value to people’s lives. You have knowledge and expertise—don’t be afraid to sell it! Nurture customer relationships and drive loyalty by offering options beyond repairs and maintenance.
  4. Ensure estimates and invoices are correct. Avoid awkward and difficult negotiations over price by sending accurate, detailed bills and quotes.

Your HVAC team can concentrate more on these details when you’re not bogged down with answering phones and coordinating communication. Another reason to invest in customer service, be it in-house or outsourced. (Not sure which is right for you? Here’s what you need to know.)

Control your business climate with virtual HVAC reception services.

Extraordinary HVAC companies are just like the ocean under the moon. They ride ebbs and flows in customer demand, remaining cool and steady in any circumstance. 

Your company can do the same by following the tips we’ve laid out in this article:

  1. Answer the phone in a comforting, helpful manner.
  2. Cater to customers’ knowledge and language preferences.
  3. Coordinate between customer service team members and technicians.
  4. Remain responsive, 24/7/365.
  5. Provide seamless, value-driven service at every opportunity.

That may sound like a lot of work—and it can be, if you do it yourself. See how Ruby’s virtual reception services support HVAC businesses and contractors of all kinds.