About Ruby

Helping small businesses grow is our DNA.

At the heart of everything we do is a promise to treat every call and chat as an opportunity to make a lasting, positive impression.

Ruby's core values

Every day at Ruby begins and ends with how we can serve our customers, which in turn benefits our communities and local economies.

Rubys are a happy bunch, and we thrive on making others happy. Any interaction, however brief, is a chance to make a positive impression for our customers, so we put care into each detail, from the words we choose to our tone of voice. We believe happiness has a ripple effect: treat people with kindness, and they’re likely to pass it on. And that approach builds loyalty and helps businesses grow.

We’re about more than answering phones and chats—we’re about creating amazing experiences. We take every opportunity to anticipate needs and provide solutions before we’re asked. Nothing gives us a bigger kick than surprising and delighting our customers and their callers. We consider “fine” a four-letter word. Our goal is “WOW!”

When our customers win, we win. We understand what an honor it is for customers to trust us to represent their business, and we’re privileged to create positive first impressions with their callers and website visitors. We enjoy sharing our culture with customers, as well as hearing about their successes. Our customers view us as part of their team, and we view them as part of ours. We’re in this together.

We believe smart technology has the power to enrich personal connections, so improving and refining our service is a constant pursuit. If there’s a way to better the lives of our customers and help their businesses prosper, we’ll find it. Our innovation is fueled by the ideas, dreams, and goals of everyone on our team—customers and coworkers alike.

Change inspires us and learning is a lifelong passion. We adapt, transform, and are energized by what lies ahead for our customers and ourselves. We’re risk-takers at heart, and each decision makes us wiser. In every choice we make, we’re driven by a desire to help our customers, callers, and coworkers flourish.

The Ruby story

It all started with making connections.

In 2003, Ruby started as a small business dedicated to helping other small businesses. We were built on the belief that creating meaningful human connections in our technology-focused world would build trust, foster customer loyalty, and help our customers win new business.

Ruby’s boot-strapped humble beginnings shape every aspect of how we run our business and deliver our services. Our small business beginnings help us understand the needs of our customers.

What was once a small, four-person business answering phones in a tiny studio has flourished into what we are today. Ruby employees care not only about the growth of our business customers, but are inspired by the businesses we serve and share in the joy of their success.

The Ruby approach

Ruby is the modern version of a hand-written thank you note.

In fact, we still hand-write notes. We could do it all digitally and save a bunch of money on postage, but we don’t. The notes we send don’t even have a price tag. They’re just something we do. And they’re a metaphor for everything we do.

Ruby makes meaningful connections in unexpected ways. We help our customers build great relationships. It’s because we know that first impressions build lasting loyalty, and that builds successful businesses.

Ruby is about doing something because it’s the right thing to do, not the thing we have to do. We’re about doing something because it’ll make someone’s day that much better. We do these little things because, even though they seem insignificant in their own right, they add up. They add up, they multiply, they expand exponentially. We do these things to brighten someone’s day. We do these things to remind our customers that we have their back. We do them all with heart.

The big thing that Ruby does is a hundred little things that make meaningful connections for our customers and that make moments matter.

A dynamic team of leaders, sharing a single vision

Ruby’s leadership team brings together small business expertise and years of experience in delivering operational excellence. Not to mention robust backgrounds in technology with a dedicated focus on customer experience.

Our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion

Ruby’s work community is a blend of cultures, genders, ethnicities, and self-identities that we proudly celebrate. We’re committed to creating a welcoming, accepting, and engaging environment for every person.

Ruby Corps

Ruby Corps is committed to diverse and ongoing volunteer opportunities, donation drives, and financial support. Rubys can give their time and effort during monthly and quarterly events, as well as during our annual signature events. When Rubys get together to help the community, great things happen!

People-powered positivity

Ruby provides thousands of great first impressions every day. Want to help?

Awards & recognition

Fastest Growing

Fastest-Growing Private 100 Companies

Portland Business Journal
2007 – 2019

Top 10

Top 10 Oregon Most Admired Companies, Across All Industries

Portland Business Journal, 2016

Top 5

Top 5 in Oregon’s Most Admired Companies, Technology & Technology Manufacturing

Portland Business Journal
2017 – 2019

100 Best

100 Best Green Companies in Oregon

Oregon Business Magazine
2010 – 2013

Inc. 5000

Inc. 5000 Top Telecommunication Companies

Inc., 2012 – 2019

Top 25

Top 25 in Oregon’s Most Admired Companies, Across All Industries

Portland Business Journal
2016 – 2018

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