Introducing Ruby’s new content strategist

Photograph of Matt Lurie, Ruby's new content strategist

Well, hello! Hi there! Greetings, salutations, namaste, shalom, aloha, and howdy! Hope you’re having a good morning, or afternoon, or evening, or late-night blog-reading sesh.  

My name’s Matt, and I’m Ruby’s new content strategist. Nice to meet you! 

Okay, truth be told, we’ve met before. Or, I should say that if you’re a regular visitor to the Ruby blog, we’re probably already familiar with each other. I’ve helped develop dozens of Ruby blog posts, guides, and other resources, working behind the scenes with the brilliant Markie Johansen and other members of the exceptional team here.  

Until recently, I was a self-employed writer. I spent a little over nine years running my own content marketing business, helping companies of all kinds and sizes tell their stories and connect meaningfully with their audiences. For much of that time, I was content (eh? get it?) with my career, happy to take the good (freedom, autonomy) with the less-good (uncertainty, freelance taxes). 

Then I met Ruby. And like 13,000+ customers and hundreds of Rubys before me, I fell in love. 

It’s not just what this company does, but how and why. The people, the values, the dedication to small businesses, the collective sense of humor and humanity—Ruby has it all. This is a place where everyone matters, where every interaction is kind, real, and fun. Anyone who’s ever communicated with a Ruby virtual receptionist or chat specialist has experienced the special brand of personal connection that flows through the entire organization, from the frontlines to sales and marketing, customer happiness, operations, and the executive team. 

In short, the idea of working on content full-time at Ruby was a dream job for me. A few weeks ago, the dream came true. 

Reader, they hired me. 

That’s where this story ends—and the next one begins. I’m honored to have the opportunity to share the new chapter with all of you.  

At Ruby, we take pride in creating educational, engaging, and empowering content for growing businesses and the people who operate them. As content strategist, my goal is to provide you with the resources you need to build your organization, delight your customers or clients, and make a lasting, positive impact in your community. Together with the rest of the marketing team, I’ll be expanding Ruby’s library with more content in more formats, keeping value, authenticity, and accessibility front and center. 

I’m looking forward to diving keyboard-first into this role and bringing you more tools, stories, and insights you can use to grow your business. We already have a ton of exciting stuff planned for this year, and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Until then, I encourage you to check out our latest guide: The new front door to your business. There you’ll find plenty of information and advice (including a few sections written by yours truly) about building and optimizing your online presence. Grab it here. 

See you ‘round these parts again soon!