What a conversation with a virtual receptionist actually sounds like

Your business needs a receptionist. But not just any receptionist; you need someone who integrates with your team seamlessly, handles calls and online chats, manages conversations effectively, answers questions, qualifies leads, filters spam calls, fields calls for unavailable staff, speaks Spanish—and provides callers with stellar customer experiences.

Oh, and you want all that 24/7…at a price you can afford? Great, you’ve got it! Ruby virtual receptionists do all of the above and more. Here’s a breakdown of the seven ways Ruby works for you, with examples for different call scenarios.

1. We’re an extension of your team.

When people call your business, they feel like they’re talking to a professional from your office.

How? Our proprietary Receptionist Operating System gives your Ruby receptionist all the data they need to sound like they’re in-house. This includes:

  • Business hours and details you provide
  • Staff rosters with job titles
  • Name pronunciations and nicknames
  • Current availability of staff members
  • Notes about calls that staff members are screening for
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Specific call handling instructions (including routing calls by department, topic, or name)
  • Access to local area maps to offer directions
  • Parking instructions for visitors
  • Local weather conditions

After each call, the intended recipient gets a notification with details about the conversation, including the caller’s name, number, message, and any next steps to take.

Sample call excerpt:

Ruby: Good morning, thank you for calling Henderson’s Plumbing Services. How may I help you?

Caller: My kitchen sink is backed up and I can’t get the disposal to work. Is that something you could fix?

Ruby: Yes, our licensed plumbers work on backed-up sink disposals and can help get your system running again or let you know if you need a replacement. Would you like to schedule an appointment?

Caller: Could you send someone today? I live in Willamette Heights, Portland.

Ruby: Yes, we have plumbers available in your service area who could come out today.

2. We do live online chats, too.

For your website visitors, we manage live, personalized chat conversations the same way we manage calls. The only difference is that everything is typed. After each chat, your business gets a notification with details and any next steps.

Sample call excerpt:

Ruby: Hi! How can we help you?

Chat customer: Are you guys open this weekend? Just want to make sure before we drive down.

Ruby: Thanks for asking. Yes, we’re open but will be closing at 8 pm (PST) due to the holidays.

Chat customer: Cool, got it. Also, do you have parking?

Ruby: Yes, we have a private lot for visitors plus there’s plenty of metered public parking on the street.

3. We capture opportunities for you.

Ruby goes above and beyond to explain services and offer guidance to navigate callers. We respond to questions, schedule appointments with applicable staff, verify contact information (i.e., the caller’s name, phone number, email, and details), and thank callers with a friendly farewell.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We also do lead qualification and customer intake, gathering relevant information and delivering leads to the right people at your business fast.

We even filter out unwanted robocalls and politely inform solicitors to add your business to their “Do Not Call” list. You only get notified about the conversations you need to follow up with, from callers ready to do business!

Sample call excerpt:

Ruby: Good afternoon, thank you for calling Mount Hood Auto Sales. How may I help you?

Caller: I’m looking for a used Honda Civic, something less than 10 years old.

Ruby: Great, let me put you through to our sales department.

Caller: Oh, also do you guys take trade-ins?

Ruby: Yes, we do! Our sales team can give you the full details.

Caller: I read a review that Matt is a good salesperson. Is he in today?

Ruby: One moment, let me check if Matt’s working today… It looks like he’s off today but will be in tomorrow. Can I put you through to another salesperson for now?

Caller: Sure, thanks!

4. We ensure calls reach the right person.

Misrouted calls mean missed opportunities. As call handling experts, we know how to assess each call and route it to the right person the first time around.

This is just one part of the exceptional customer experiences we provide for callers, but it’s a crucial part—it makes a strong first impression, conveys competence, and paves the way for smoother communications when the caller connects to the next person.

Afterward, Ruby sends a detailed summary of each call to your business.

Sample call excerpt:

Ruby: Good evening, thank you for calling Moss Computers and More. How may I help you?

Caller: Hi, I bought a laptop there three months ago and now it’s acting weird.

Ruby: I’m sorry your laptop seems to be acting up. For technical support, I can put you through to our service department.

Caller: The lady who sold it to me was named Jen; is she working?

Ruby: Jen works in sales, but we have Roy working tech support issues tonight. Let me route you through to him now.

5. We’ve got your back, 24/7.

To ensure all of your callers connect with a real person, we handle calls for your team members when they’re busy, away, or just need to screen calls. This makes a huge difference in terms of customer service satisfaction rates! 

If your team member is busy but willing to take important calls from certain individuals, we can manage that, too! We can also put callers on hold and speak to the intended recipient first. 

Our app makes it super easy for your staff to switch their availability status. We’re always on standby, as your 24/7 backup call managers!  

Sample call excerpt:

Ruby: Good afternoon, thank you for calling Wexler, Goodman, and Associates. How may I help you?

Caller: Hi, I got hit by a car and need a personal injury attorney. Can I talk to Ms. Wexler, please?

Ruby: Are you a current client of hers?

Caller: No.

Ruby: Ms. Wexler specializes in finance law, but our other partner Mr. Goodman handles personal injury cases. If you’d like to share a few details now, I can pass them along with your contact information. If it’s a case he may be able to take, we’ll reach out to offer a free consultation.

Caller: Ok, here’s what happened…

6. Ruby habla español.

¿No hablas inglés?

Ruby has bilingual virtual receptionists ready to help Monday through Friday starting from 5 am until 6 pm (Pacific Standard Time). Your business has two options for this service:

1) On demand: Our team can quickly determine if a caller needs to connect with a Spanish-speaking representative, and switch them over to one of our bilingual receptionists.

2) Dedicated Spanish line: If your business needs a dedicated Spanish-speaking receptionist, then that’s what we’ll provide!

7. Your Ruby team offers empathetic service

To work at Ruby, you’ve gotta love helping people! That’s our number one requirement when we vet candidates. The abilities to actively listen and express empathy with callers are core traits we look for, so they can ensure the people who contact your business feel heard and validated.

Then we rigorously train our hires to provide top-notch customer service worthy of representing your business. This helps build real human connections, supporting your efforts to build a strong base of loyal customers who’ll come back for more!

This personalized service extends to our online live chat services, too!

Sample call excerpt:

Ruby: Good morning, thank you for calling Nibbles Pets and Supplies. How may I help you?

Caller: Hi, our Yorkshire Terrier has stomach problems and has been sick. Our vet said he needs to eat bland food for a while.

Ruby: I’m so sorry to hear your dog is sick! Did the vet say what kinds of food?

Caller: Yes, they said to buy chicken and rice dog food, and also maybe some bone broth.

Ruby: Let me put you through to a sales member right away; they can tell you what we’ve got in stock. I hope your dog feels better soon!

Hear it for yourself!

The above are a few of the main ways Ruby virtual receptionists can help your business deliver outstanding service to customers, any time, day or night! To hear it for yourself, check out our new online demo with sample audio clips of how our service works!

On the fence about whether you need a full-time, in-house employee…or if a flexible, affordable, virtual receptionist package from Ruby is right for you? Our comprehensive guide to virtual receptionists will help you discover the option that best suits the needs of your business!