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Make great impressions with customizable voicemail, included in Ruby’s virtual receptionist solution.

How it works


With Ruby, you can set up a voicemail system for both after-hours calls and for receptionists to connect callers to during the day.


You can use our default greeting, give us a custom script for our receptionists to record on your behalf, or record your own greeting. You can even play different greetings based on the time of day.


Whenever a voicemail is left, you’ll receive an email with a recording you can listen to right away—or access your voicemail any time through the Ruby app.

Meet the experience specialists.

Sometimes, it’s nice just to hear a human voice on the other end of the line. Our award-winning virtual receptionists take empathy so seriously, they (literally) trained for it. You can rely on us as a privacy-protecting, customer-impressing, always on-the-clock extension of your team.

Freedom from your phone.

You’ve got things to do. And many of those things require getting away from your phone. By allowing us to become your new business voicemail answering service, you can get back to doing all the tasks that only you can do. Like saving puppies’ lives, or making the doughnuts.

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