Customer service resources

Higher profits, happier customers, honest results—learn how to achieve all this (and more) by leveling up your service.

Customer service resources

Higher profits, happier customers, honest results—learn how to achieve all this (and more) by leveling up your service.

Go the extra mile.

Personalize your customer experience with proven resources, insights, and strategies. 

Exceed expectations.

Grow your business.

Build stronger relationships.

Streamline your service.

Customer service audit checklist

What areas of customer service do you have under control? What needs improvement? See how your business stacks up and brush up on best practices with the only customer service checklist you’ll ever need.

Are you up to date with evolving customer service expectations?

Today’s customers expect professional and personalized service within minutes of reaching out to your business. If your business isn’t meeting these expectations, most customers won’t tell you—they’ll just walk away. Take our quick quiz to see if your current service is up to scratch.  

Omnichannel customer experience: what it means and how to do it right

Not every customer interacts with your business in the same way. Giving your customers choices for how they interact with your business fosters loyalty and may even encourage your customers to spend more money with you.

In this article, we explore how an omnichannel approach to customer engagement can help grow your business, along with ways to optimize each touchpoint between you and your customers.

Guide: Supercharge your growth

Increasing retention, optimizing your sales funnel, expanding your reach—there are a lot of different ways to grow your business, but it all starts with improving customer experience. Learn how improving your service can help you supercharge growth and build loyalty in this in-depth guide.

Webinar recording: The ROI of personal connections

How do you, as a small business owner, find ways to invest in your business with limited time and resources? The answer might be more straightforward than you think.

The most efficient—and perhaps most essential—avenue you have to organic business growth is to simply build more meaningful connections with your existing customers and prospects. See why investing in the people you serve is the right move for your business during this free webinar.

Ebook: The story of a lead

Bringing in more leads is important. But thinking in terms of “leads, leads, leads” removes the human element and turns sales and marketing into numbers games rather than actual drivers of value.

In reality, every sales lead is unique—because every person is unique. We explore what makes each prospect different, what approaches speak to them, and what you can do to win their business in this comprehensive ebook.

101 ways to improve customer experience

What does it take to bring your customer service to the next level? There’s no single, all-encompassing answer—there’s over 100! From minimizing wait times to creating positive first impressions, get practical tips on improving customer service from Ruby and small business expert Melinda Emerson.

5 ways to design people-centric customer service training

Helping the people you serve is its own reward. But increasing customer satisfaction while engaging your key employees? That’s a win-win. 

In this article, Ruby’s Sr. Director of Organizational Development, Shawna Shandy, uses their 15+ years of experience in people operations roles to break down what human-powered customer service looks like, and how your business can build a training program that puts people first.

What wow-worthy customer service looks like

What can we learn from customer service leaders like Nordstrom and Costco? A lot! Learn why even some of the world’s biggest companies make small interactions a priority—along with practical takeaways your business can use to make stronger connections with your customers.

Get help from the customer service experts.

Meeting record-high customer expectations is no easy task—especially for small businesses with limited resources and competing priorities. 

That’s why there’s Ruby. 

Ruby’s virtual receptionists are available 24/7 to create meaningful connections with the people you serve. Our human-powered service is designed to delight customers, build loyalty, and increase retention, all while giving you time back in your day so you can focus on running your business. 

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