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Ruby Customer Happiness: Next Level Support

Taking “care” of business.

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Ruby consistently exceeds industry averages for customer satisfaction with our product and services.

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Average Response Time:
2 hours

We strive to respond to support requests by end of day, typically responding in under two hours.

Average Satisfaction:

Our Customer Happiness team gets high marks in friendliness, expertise, and customer care.

Smiles included with every plan.

We believe happiness has a ripple effect: treat people with kindness, and they’re likely to pass it on. Ruby’s customer support team tends to your needs by updating your account, tweaking instructions, and delving into technology as we address call forwarding with your provider or code snippets with your webmaster.

Bottom line: we help you get the most out of Ruby, no matter your plan size.

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Going the extra mile.

Beyond our rapid response time of under two hours, we also proactively reach out to make sure you’re enjoying our service. If you decide to try new call handling instructions, we’ll call you a few weeks later to ensure everything is working well.

We see matters through to the end.

The ROI of Personal Connections

What above and beyond means for your bottom line.

A Customer Success Manager’s approach to working remotely.

Glynn Dickens, trusted Customer Success leader, offers insight into the Ruby App and how you can leverage the full scope of our service to better your business.

Support the way you like it.

Ruby Help Center

Whether you’re new to Ruby or been with us for years, answers to your service-related questions are at your fingertips.


For those questions or issues that need a good talking through, give us a ring! We love taking calls, after all.


Question? Concern? Outbound call request? Send us an email or forward us a request and we’ll take care of you.

Resources to Help You Grow​

Our quest to aid your success doesn’t stop there! Ruby is consistently releasing new resources and tools to help your business grow:

Resource Hubs

A collection of our top tips, tricks, and tools to keep you thriving!

Ruby Blog

Insightful reads on how to improve your customer experience, build your business, and more!

Content Library

In-depth resources such as ebooks, tip sheets, and webinars covering industry-specific topics.

“Ruby is an amazing service alternative to hiring an employee. They are truly professional and incredibly courteous. One of my clients called and specifically stated how professional my secretary was. Thanks Ruby and I look forward to a long relationship!”


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