The Virtual Office

Thriving wherever work happens.

On-the-go, work-from-wherever glory.

Transitioning to the virtual office may be one of the better ideas you’ve had. But it will require more than opening up your computer from the comfort of your couch.

What is a virtual office?

You’ve probably surmised that going virtual means performing most of your business opertations remotely. But, is doing completely away with a traditional brick and mortar necessary? What are the benefits of a virtual office? The drawbacks?

We’ve put together a quick read to get you caught up on the basics.


Is it right for my business?

Prior to 2020, some businesses appeared to be better candidates for a virtual operation than others, but this year has proven that a little ingenuity can go a long way. The perks of being able to work-from-wherever are more plentiful than ever.

What kind of office fits you best?

From the Experts: Working from home, with kids.

A part of our Business Unusual campaign, Ruby sits down with Amanda Soares, LCSW to talk about the realities of working from home with children. As small business owners take their operations remote in the midst of a pandemic, schools have deployed distance learning and families are still adapting to this new way of life.


101 Technology Tools

Bringing it home can mean big changes for your tech stack. In order to run business smoothly, you’re going to need software & hardware updates to keep you and your team efficient.

And we’ve packed 101 tools to help you thrive into one fantastically helpful sheet.

A Comprehensive Guide to Going Virtual

Everything you need to know, in one complete resource.

Better call-handling for optimal customer experience.

Regardless of where running your business has taken you, customer service remains central to your success. Prioritizing your frontline communications is mission-critical, and it starts with your telephone.

Check out our comprehensive guide to call-handling to scout the best options for your biz.

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Steps to Virtual Sustainability

1. Continuity

If there is anything 2020 taught us, it is that planning for the unthinkable is critical to small business survival. Prepare for the just-in-case with this Business Continuity Checklist.

2. Consistency

Customers are loyal to businesses who offer reliably exceptional experiences. Use our comprehensive Customer Service Audit to take stock and improve your game.

3. Care

Whether you’re at home, on the beach, or in the office, the personal connections you maintain with customers and employees alike determine the health of your business.


Level Up with Virtual Receptionists

Ruby’s award-winning, live virtual receptionists build trust with your callers and customers from the very first “hello”. No matter where your office is (or isn’t) located, we serve as an extension of your team. We answer and transfer calls, take messages, place calls on your behalf and more!

Just like an in-house hire, we deliver a cohesive, professional experience for your customers.

The Ultimate Guide

Get the full scoop on Ruby’s live virtual receptionists in our Ultimate Guide.

Mobile App

Meet the Ruby app.

Read chat transcripts, track usage, view reports, and much more. The Ruby app keeps you connected with your online customers even when you’re away from your keyboard.
Review chat tags, update canned responses, review support requests, and provide messages you’d like relayed to your website visitors.
Quickly follow up with prospects by accessing lead data and important customer details such as phone number, where they’re located, and who referred them.

Update your availability any time to take advantage of Ruby’s call-connect service and have website visitors transferred directly to your sales team.

Work from anywhere, win more business, and make a great impression.

“I am so pleased with Ruby! For 25 years I always thought I had to have a live person in my office answering calls. Ruby does it better than many of the people who’ve staffed our phones over the years. The messages are clear, concise, and timely provided.”


Experience the Ruby difference for yourself.

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