Our Vision & Mission

A message from our CEO, Kate Winkler

Every day at Ruby begins and ends with how we can serve our customers, which in turn benefits our communities and local economies. And that commitment remains, but the ways in which we deliver on that commitment have evolved. 

We’ve expanded everything from our products and services to how we interact with our customers. We wanted to make sure our vision and mission truly reflect how we are serving you now and in the future. 

We hope we inspire small businesses to return to the reason you started your business. We want to be that long-term partner that helps small businesses build lasting relationships, so they can double-down on their purpose—whether that’s disrupting the market, having greater freedom, or contributing to their community. 

Our Vision

We deliver exceptional experiences that build customer loyaltyand empower businesses to freely pursue their purpose, cultivating diverse and thriving local economies. ​ 

Our Mission

We create meaningful connections and provide actionable insights thatcapture opportunitiesand give businessesthe freedomoverwhen and how they communicate so they can achieve more.

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We are building trust and customer loyalty.

Ruby is committed to delivering more than just exceptional customer experiences. We’re also here to help your business be exceptional by providing insights into the interactions and connections that drive great service. Happier customers mean more diverse and thriving local economies, a stronger small business community, and new innovations that benefit us all.

We are creating more freedom.

We want to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your business, while also saving you time and energy so you can focus on what matters. This can be as simple as tagging calls and chats so you can see how many leads come in a month, or as big as redesigning our software so our frontline team can work more efficiently.

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We are a partner in achieving your goals.

We use our expertise to empower you by identifying and taking advantage of unseen opportunities, acting as partners actively invested in the success of your business. Expect game-changing recommendations and personalized suggestions—all as part of our normal service!

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