How to leave a great voicemail in 3 steps.

How to leave a voicemail

Ever wondered what to say in a voicemail?

Leaving a solid voicemail message seems simple enough, but when that beep goes off, it can be easy to fumble over what to say. Fear not, fair caller! The bright and savvy virtual receptionist team at Ruby® Receptionists has the solution to your voicemail woes.

In addition to answering phones cheerfully, our virtual receptionists also make calls on behalf of clients to relay information or confirm appointments. If they reach voicemail, they know that with a bit of forethought, every message can be clear, concise, and friendly. Here are three steps to a superb voicemail message:

  1. Step One: Introduction. Start with an upbeat greeting that includes the name of the person you’re calling: “Hi, Tim!” “Hello, Susan!” “Good morning, Tom!” Then, introduce yourself by giving your name, company name if applicable, and telephone number. Stating your contact information up front is an easy way to ensure that the person you’re calling knows how to get in touch with you, even if your message gets cut off: “Hi, Jim! This is Phoebe Osborn from Ruby Receptionists. I can be reached at 866-611-7829.”
  2. Step Two: Message. Keep it short and sweet. Many voicemail systems only record for a few minutes, and that time can really fly. Plan ahead, and run through the message in your mind before leaving it. If you can’t summarize your message in a sentence or two, explain generally what you’re calling about, and ask for a return call: “I have some questions about our upcoming meeting. Would you please call me when you have a chance?”
  3. Step Three: Recap and sign off. End your message by restating your name, company name, and telephone number, then wrap things up with a friendly comment: “Again, this is Phoebe Osborn from Ruby Receptionists at 866-611-7829. Have a wonderful day!”

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