What is a remote receptionist?

What is a remote receptionist

A remote receptionist (or virtual receptionist) is like your in-house receptionist, they perform many of the same tasks, but they work remotely. They handle incoming calls, take messages, transfer calls, make outgoing calls, and more!

They serve to solve the issues facing small businesses everywhere. For small businesses, initial success and subsequent growth in customer management can mean an ever-growing number of calls, more than can be personally handled. Remote receptionists can help ease the burden of handling these client calls, so you can focus on serving customers and growing your business.

What are the benefits of remote receptionists?

Studies have shown that despite improvements in customer service technology, customers still prefer to connect with a human being. Remote receptionists can still bring a personal touch to your calls, providing a friendly, professional person who sounds like they’re sitting in your office. Your callers get the attention they deserve and you save on having to hire a full-time employee. 

There are a number of direct benefits that come from hiring a remote receptionist:

  • Remote receptionists can respond to customers outside of business hours. Rather than allowing potential sales opportunities go to voicemail, leverage the flexibility virtual receptionist services provide.
  • Remote receptionists can help businesses save money. With remote receptionists, business owners only have to pay for time spent directly on the call. Training and employment overhead required for in-house receptionists is avoided entirely, a cost-savings that can be invaluable when growing a business.
  • Remote receptionists can manage callers when you’re too busy to talk. A remote receptionist can engage with prospects, handle customer issues and inquiries, and collect critical information when you’re otherwise preoccupied.
  • Remote receptionists can improve customer satisfaction rates. Human connections increase customer loyalty, and surveys show that live receptionists can have a large impact on customer loyalty and retention.

How do remote receptionist services work?

  1. Customers and new clients call your business number
  2. The call is forwarded to the line of a remote receptionist
  3. They answer the call promptly with a customized greeting
  4. After determining the needs of the customer, they either resolve the issue directly or forward the call to an employee or take a message.

Remote receptionist services with Ruby

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