Video: How Ruby’s 24/7 managed live chat solution grows your business and saves you time

Meet Emma Smith.

Emma is a lawyer juggling a busy schedule and incoming client communications all day long. Between her appointments and phone lines, it’s easy to overlook her website visitors. But those visitors, some of which might be existing or potential clients, expect immediate, personalized responses.

That’s why live chat is crucial for Emma’s business. As she knows, having a website without chat would be like running a physical office without staff. When nobody is around to answer their questions, visitors can feel disappointed and frustrated—and eventually leave the website and head to a competitor instead.

Fortunately, Emma has Ruby. Our 24/7 live chat engages her website visitors, connecting them with highly trained, caring professionals.

The best part? People never know they’re not speaking to Emma’s office directly. Watch this video to learn more.

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