5 ways to increase revenue with Ruby.

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Exceptional customer service experiences turn into a better bottom line, loyal customers, and a healthy, growing business.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

But that’s why you have Ruby’s team of live virtual receptionists. With a combination of friendly, live receptionists and smart technology, Ruby’s receptionists provide your callers with those stellar experiences!

Find out how Ruby can help you increase revenue in our tip sheet!

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Tip Sheets

Work well, where you are— Seven ways to grow your practice with Ruby.

Tip Sheets

Five practices for winning communication.

Tip Sheets

Get efficient, boost your bottom line.

Tip Sheets

Four fundamentals of phone etiquette: A quick reference sheet for the busy solo practitioner.


Webinar: Grow your local business online.


Practice perfect: strategies for growing your legal practice (recorded webinar).

Tip Sheets

Making your case: how to win with Ruby.


Practice Perfect: Strategies for Growing your Legal Practice (ebook)


Putting the personal back in business: leveraging technology to build human connections.


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