Why Ruby?

Turning first impressions into lasting loyalty.

Ruby’s people, technology, and service come together to deliver one-of-a-kind customer experiences.

What makes Ruby different?

Our people

We believe happiness has a ripple effect: treat people with kindness, and they’re likely to pass it on. Our team treats every interaction with care, thoughtfulness, and sensitivity in order to create unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Our virtual receptionists go through 120 hours of training in empathetic service, conflict resolution, and active listening before ever interacting with your customers. No matter the topic or type of conversation, our team is able to turn even the most routine interactions into loyalty-winning moments for your business.
We know that the success of your people starts with that of our own. That’s why Ruby is committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace culture that honors the diverse perspectives of our team members while also offering opportunities for personal and professional development.
Our virtual receptionists are more than just communication experts—they’re also experts at helping your business identify and respond to new opportunities. Count on us to provide recommendations and collect insights tailored to your unique goals.

1.1+ million
conversations handled per month

1.6+ million
leads generated per year

businesses trust Ruby.

Our technology

Any call—any business

Our proprietary conversation-enabling technology and access to important details about your business ensure that our virtual receptionists sound like a seamless extension of your team. No background noise or unnecessary confusion—we represent your business just like you would.

Zero miscommunications

Our in-house operating system was designed to keep information from slipping through the cracks. Our team can collect and categorize customer details according to your instructions and have it sent to you moments after a call or chat ends.

Streamlined conversations

We know both your and your customers’ time is valuable. That’s why our suite of tools and features works together to streamline the call process and keep each conversation only as long (or short) as it needs to be.

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Thousands of businesses love Ruby—and we know you will too. Schedule you consultation today and let us walk you through our service and solutions.