Getting started with Ruby: what to expect

You’ve heard the positive word of mouth. You’ve watched a couple videos, read a few articles, shopped around and asked the right questions, maybe downloaded an ebook or two. You’re feeling ready to see how a customer engagement and virtual receptionist solution like Ruby can grow your business. 

What comes next? What can you expect from signing up for a solution like ours? 

If you’ve been waiting on picking up the phone until you learn more, you’re in luck. We asked our Customer Happiness team about how they help new customers get started quickly and make the most of Ruby from day one. Here’s a quick overview of the onboarding process:


1. First steps 

First things first, we’ll help get your calls over to Ruby! There are several ways to forward your phones to our receptionists to answer. If your business phone number is hosted by an outside phone provider, we can help you initiate call-forwarding with most providers. If Ruby is hosting your business number (which we can do for free, by the way!), you’ll be able to forward and un-forward your calls using our app and online portal. 

Next, logging into your Ruby account. You can access your account in two ways: from the website and from the Ruby mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. Both give you access to all your call activity, allow you to update your status when your availability changes, and much more, so you have full control over tracking and managing your account. 

3. Viewing your messages

Once we’re receiving your calls, we’ll send you a message whenever we’re not able to connect a call to you. All of your messages will be emailed and/or texted to you, and are also accessible in the Activity section of the Ruby app and online portal.  

Your messages will contain a lot of helpful information about your calls—making it easy to connect with prospects, as well as learn about and better serve your customers or clients. If you’re not seeing everything you’d like to see in your messages, we can customize them for you! We’ll make sure you receive the most useful, actionable information about the people who contact your business. 

Ruby is highly customizable, and our Customer Happiness team is here to make our solution work for you. Give Ruby instructions and we’ll ensure your calls are handled exactly the way they should be.  

From new client intake to holding all calls to routing potential new clients directly to your sales team, Ruby can handle a multitude of tasks for your business, giving you valuable time back in your day. You can update your instructions and company profile at any time. 


5. Exploring more features 

We can do way more than handle your incoming calls! Ruby’s people-powered features including making outbound call assists on your behalf, scheduling appointments, and chatting with your website visitors, in addition to tech-powered features like robocall filtering

Learn more about some of our features: 

There’s a lot more to Ruby than we’ve had the chance to cover here. If you’re ready to learn more, we’d love you take you on a personal tour. Give us a call at 844-311-7829 or chat with us by clicking the button in the bottom-right corner of your screen!